Hitchhiker's Guide

2 Peter

The season of Lent is a journey. All journeys have a destination, and the destination for Lent is the cross. However, all journeys also have a starting point, and the starting point for Lent is the Mount of Transfiguration. The manifestation of the glorified Christ on Mount Tabor is the trailhead of the Lenten experience and the glory of God's love for us on Golgotha is the summit. 

Transfiguration and crucifixion are necessarily connected in God's story of salvation. So, for Lent this year we will walk with Christ and Peter from Tabor to Golgotha as we read through Peter's second epistle. We'll hear how Peter recalls the Transfiguration and presents it as a foundation for the rest of the gospel story. 

Join us on the journey to the cross with Peter in our Lenten preaching series called The Hitchiker's Guide 2 Peter.