Parables of the Kingdom

Fall preaching series

What do a mustard seed, a field of wheat, a fishing net, a loaf of bread, and buried treasure have in common? They are all images that Jesus used in a series of short stories called parables to describe of the "kingdom of God". Through these parables, Jesus used to help people see (or not see) the way of God in the world.

Jesus was a bit of a trickers, he told these parable to both reveal and conceal his message. For those who knew what theywanted the way of God to look like, the message was not clarifying. But for those with ears to hear, the message was illuminating. 

But do these ancient short stories have any bearing on our world today? Well, the gospel writers thought they might, so they wrote them down for us to have through history. Let's enjoy a good story time with Jesus every Sunday this fall! Who knows, maybe our eyes will be opened a bit more too.

Parables of the Kingdom