Sermon on the Mount of Transfiguration

Jesus was a mountain climber. The gospel writers mention his alpine endeavours regularly: he preached on a mountain, prayed on a mountain, overcame temptation on a mountain, was transfigured on a mountain, died on a hill, and ascended to heaven from a mountain. 


The season of Epiphany is about the ways Jesus is revealed during his ministry. So, as we journey through Epiphany toward Lent, let’s join Jesus on his ascent up two mountains. We will consider Jesus’ teaching from the Sermon on the Mount as preparation for his ascent up the Mount of Transfiguration. As his hiking partners, we will see how his teachings about everyday life in his sermon from a mountain prepare us for the glorious revelation in his transfiguration on another mountain.


“The mountains are calling, and I must go.”

-John Muir