Easter Psalms


A travelogue is an account of a journey. It can be written with either factual details or as a narrative story, but the interplay between the movement through the world and the transformation within the writer presents a unique opportunity.
The writer of Luke takes full advantage of this in his Gospel as Jesus sets his face to Jerusalem and begins his journey. And Jesus walked. He wandered hills, travelled highways, strode across fields, and meandered the streets of towns and cities. And as he walked he encountered people, asking them to join him. Once, making his way along the shore of the Galilee, he found some fishermen by the names of Peter and Andrew. He called them to follow him as he walked. They did. That small beginning carried repercussions far beyond whatever they could have initially guessed. To follow Jesus down the road will lead you to a place you cannot see or know now.
As we begin our journey to Easter this Lent, we follow Jesus along the road less traveled. And trust that this will make all the difference.